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Corporate Plus Package

$ 11.99 for 1 year

Starting at $19.99/month. Pricing is based on Management Access. Includes unlimited use of Daily Screening Tool by staff, customers and essential visitors.

Licensed Users / Year

Per Staff (one time fee – annual certification)

One-time Fee / License

Initial Fee / User License($6.99 renewal fee)

Initial Fee / User License($8.99 renewal fee)

Min 10 - Max 399

Corporations committed to supporting their staff by providing tools to reduce accidents respond quickly to accidents that do happen, reduce long-term impacts of injuries and in some cases, prevent death. All companies would benefit by providing this tool. The Corporate Plus package has the added feature of Training Analytics. The Get Ready™ First Aide Platform includes:

Upload your logo to further customize the tool – no extra charge.

Get Ready ensures you have the most up-to-date information.

Easily add, remove and edit user licences. (available with Annual Subscription)

Help staff maintain their skills and confidence with 2-minute monthly refresher topics.

Track your staff participation in the monthly refreshers with online dashboards.

Target Audience

  • Trucking Companies
  • Automotive Companies
  • Municipalities
  • School Boards
  • Construction Industry
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Grocers
  • Hydro companies
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Transportation Industry

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