Get Ready helps organizations prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies and disasters.

“Just tell me what I’m supposed to do” – We do that!

What makes Get Ready extraordinary

- Our Emergency Response Content

  • Get Ready’s tried-and-tested content has been honed by our Subject Matter Experts (Police, EMS, Critical Care, Fire, Military, Emergency Management, and Business Continuity), who collectively have decades of experience
  • We provide relevant and necessary escalated responses to today’s evolving threats
  • We separate policy from procedure to create a response plan people can understand and easily follow
  • Our unique Job Action Sheets provide role-based procedural checklists so everyone knows exactly what to do in an emergency

- Our Cloud-Based Web Application

  • Get Ready’s proprietary process mapping platform
    Atlas-Leading the Way™ presents our Best of Class content in a digital, easy-to-access desktop and mobile format
  • Our web application requires no additional hardware, in-house server access, or software
  • Secured data domiciled in Canada
  • No more emergency binders to maintain
  • Amazing user-friendly experience

Emergency information at your fingertips!

Get Ready applies the pillars of Emergency Management to develop successful and comprehensive programs





Your Return on Investment

  • Reduce emergency response time
  • Make informed decisions faster
  • Reduce risk
  • Increase staff safety
  • Increase staff competence and confidence
  • Reduce orientation and training time and costs
  • Reduce program maintenance effort and time
  • Save the cost of 2-Full Time Employees (FTE)
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