Get Ready™ Business Continuity Program

Get Ready to save your business

Reduce the time, effort and cost needed to create and maintain your organization’s BCP.

The right business continuity plan will ensure that your business is prepared to endure and recover from any emergency.

Gather and maintain content easily

The Get Ready BCP cloud-based platform gives you the online tools needed to guide you through the identification of critical functions, essential contacts, supported processes, and Maximum Allowable Downtimes sustainable by each business unit regarding the eight Critical Strategic Priorities within your organization. Accessible via desktop or natively installed on mobile devices.

Real-time information at your fingertips

Get Ready’s BCP program is customizable and easily deployable on our cloud-based software accessible via mobile and desktop. In accordance with the Business Continuity Institute’s best practices, the platform provides at-a-glance real-time situational awareness so informed decisions can be made faster to keep your organization operational.

Real-time tracking of checklist progress and completion

Get Ready’s team of experts is available to develop role-based response procedures to support alternate strategies. These dynamic checklists are fully integrated into the online platform and provide real-time tracking of activity progress and completion.

Leadership Preparedness

Powered by the Get Ready Learning Management System, management will be trained on the use of the BCP platform through initial training and tutorials. BCP of the Month refresher courses and annual exercises will ensure organizational compliance and maintain managers confidence and competence.

Why Get Ready?

  • Stop expensive facilitated meetings
  • Enter and maintain data directly to the platform
  • Access information from your phone
  • Easy to use program providing immediate access to information and real-time situational awareness
  • Links directly to Alternate Strategy checklists
  • Seamless linking to dependencies, equipment, IT, and vendor lists
  • Real-time progress reports and dashboards
  • Online BCP training and monthly refreshers

Download our Get Ready™ Business Continuity Program Outline

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