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Individual Package

$ 9.99

Starting at $19.99/month. Pricing is based on Management Access. Includes unlimited use of Daily Screening Tool by staff, customers and essential visitors.

Licensed Users / Year

Per Staff (one time fee – annual certification)

One-time Fee / License

Initial Fee / User License($6.99 renewal fee)

Initial Fee / User License($8.99 renewal fee)

Min 10 - Max 399

The Get Ready First Aide Individual package is designed for organizations who want to provide individual access to the Get Ready ™ First Aide Platform without ongoing administrative support. There is a one-time fee per license, and the individuals will have unlimited access to the Get Ready™ First Aide Platform, without renewal fees.

Upload your logo to further customize the tool – no extra charge.

Get Ready ensures you have the most up-to-date information.

This is a one-time purchase, with no renewal fees required.

Target Audience

  • First Aide / CPR training companies
  • Health & Safety supply companies
  • Minor Sports – coaches and trainers
  • Public and community safety groups
  • Fundraisers

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