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Get Ready First Aide Package 2021

We all know to call 911, but what happens while waiting for emergency services can make the difference between life or death and can reduce the long-term impacts of an injury.

Time is critical

Accidents and injuries can happen anywhere, and Universities and Colleges are no exception. With rising rates of alcohol and drug use on campuses, as well as increasing numbers of students facing mental health concerns, post-secondary institutions everywhere are struggling to find solutions to protect the health and safety of their students. When a situation does occur, whether it is alcohol poisoning, drug overdose, or an athletic injury, response time is critical.

Introducing the Get Ready First Aide Platform™

Cloud Based

This cloud-based program was developed for immediate access to emergency information to provide life-saving care while waiting for emergency services to arrive. Available in your browser and our convenient mobile companion app.

  • Lessen Injuries

  • Reduce hospital visits

  • Save lives

The Stats

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On average, 79.5% of Canadians aged 15-24 consume alcohol.
Government of Canada 
About 2.6% of Canadian students said he or she had used Cocaine in the last year.
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health 
of males
The highest rate of drinking for males was among those aged 25 to 34 (91.4%) and for females, was among those aged 17/18 to 24 (81.4%).
Statistics Canada 
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60% of illicit drug users in Canada are between the ages of 15 and 24.
Statistics Canada 
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From 2007 to 2017, emergency visits related to mental health concerns for Canadians aged five to 24 increased by 75 per cent. Centre for Addiction and Mental Health 
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Young people aged 15-24 are more likely to experience mental illness and/or substance abuse disorders than any other age group. Centre for Addiction and Mental Health 

Cardiac Arrest

In a cardiac arrest situation, bystanders must begin ‘Hands-Only CPR’ and use an AED within the first 5-10 minutes. Without oxygen, the brain will die. Emergency response agencies cannot get to the patient fast enough.

When willing bystanders perform CPR or use an AED, the survival rate of cardiac arrest increases from 5% to 32%.

Know what to do in an emergency and save lives

The Get Ready First Aide Platform provides life-saving information at your fingertips!

First-Aid Treatment Information

This program provides over 80 short “ how-to” videos, covering a full range of first aid treatment scenarios, such as:

  • Perform CPR and use an AED

  • Stop the bleeding

  • Give Narcan® and an EpiPen®

  • Help someone who is choking

COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control

Learn how to keep yourself and others safe by reducing the spread of disease.

  • Hand sanitizing

  • Hand washing

  • Donning and doffing of gloves and masks

  • Self-isolation

  • Self-screening

  • Social distancing

Emergency Procedures

This is much more than your average First Aid program. Step-by-step instructions will guide you through disaster situations and emergencies such as:

  • A person with a weapon

  • Fire

  • Tornado

  • Help someone who is choking

  • Bomb

  • Vehicle attack

Mobile Companion App

For your convenience and safety in mind, the mobile version includes these features:

  • Convenient voice-command search for ease of use in stressful situations

  • Call 911 directly from the app

  • Flashlight and strobe

  • Personal alarm

  • Your location

  • In-app access to camera

Post-Secondary Institution pricing

The Get Ready First Aide Platform™ is available to ALL students and can be included in their student services fee. A one-time fee of $4.99* per student (a discount of 50%) makes this an affordable live-saving digital solution. There are no renewal fees. Onboarding is easy. All we require is a spreadsheet with new student information (first name, surname, and email address) each term.** 

Get Ready recommends that the First Aide Platform is mandatory for Emergency First Response Teams, Dons, Foot Patrol, Campus Police/Security, and anyone else who is required to have First Aid training.

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Customizable and white-labelled to fit with your school’s brand

Only $4.99*

per student (a discount of 50%)
*Sold in blocks of 100 units to access the discounted price
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