Infectious Disease Outbreak Program

Would your business survive an Infectious Disease Outbreak? Let us help you Get Ready.

Get Ready has assembled a team of Public Health and Outbreak Planning Experts to develop our Infection Prevention and Control Program to help your organization Get Ready.

We work directly with your OHS/HSE team, Medical Director, HR lead, Facility Maintenance and Engineering, Security, Communications and your Executive Leadership to build operational plans that reduce your time and effort. We provide an Infectious Disease Outbreak Certificate of Completion to verify that your organization is ready and meets compliance, insurance and customer requirements. Save significant time, money and worry, wondering if you got it right.

Please watch the nCoV Outbreak, Webinar video (32 min)

This webinar was recorded on Feb 11, 11:00am EDT. Dr. Michael Christian and Scott Ashley presented the background and update on the nCoV, Case Studies on how to “Operationalize” your plans in response to the Outbreak.

Infectious Disease Outbreak Program Information

Please watch the intro below and review the Get Ready  IDO Program Overview 

Medical Directives

We assist by providing frameworks and examples for policy and procedural documents and checklists, such as travel advisories, return to work guidelines, send a worker home policy, screening programs, social distancing, workplace infection control, and PPE.

Human Resources

We make sure your organization can operate during an outbreak. We work with your HR Dept to get the P&P right. For example, self-screening, telecommuting policy, work from home, return to work, sick time tracking.

Screening Program

  • Self Screening
  • Quarantine P&P
  • Return to work P&P
  • Screening Station procedures, forms and required PPE including temperature scanners

Staff and Family Emergency App

The Get Ready™ Emergency App provides your staff with the information
they need regarding proper hand hygiene, donning and doffing of
gloves, and Infectious Disease Outbreak. As well, as emergency care with
over 70 short 30-second treatment videos and links to official websites to
access current and accurate information.

Table-Top Exercises

Test your Outbreak Plan and evaluate the procedures with a Get Ready facilitated or self-directed table-top exercise and after-action report.

Infectious Disease Control Products

  • Screening Station
  • Travel Kits
  • Workplace cleanliness
  • PPE, hand sanitizer
  • Emergency Response  PE
*As available

Get Ready Infectious Disease Outbreak Program

Chose all of the components or select only the parts you want from our program
  • Medical Directives
  • Human Resources Policies
  • Screening Program
  • Social Distancing
  • Infection Prevention and Control Measures
  • Communications
  • Online IDO Training
  • IDO Table-Top Exercise
  • Get Ready™ Emergency App
  • Expert Panel Weekly Webinar
  • Professional Consulting
  • Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion

Infectious Disease Outbreak Program

get ready inc IDO certificate of completion