Get Ready™ Workplace IPAC Program

Hospitals have always had an Infection Prevention and Control Program. Now businesses need one too!

Get Ready™ Workplace Infection Prevention and Control Program

We live in a world where infectious disease outbreaks are common. It is now vital for not only hospitals, but all businesses to adopt adequate training and protocols to maintain infectious disease prevention and control in the workplace. Let us help you Get ReadyTM.

The Get ReadyWorkplace IPAC Program was designed to equip businesses with the tools and knowledge to appropriately respond to an infectious disease outbreak.

What's included

The Get Ready™ Workplace IPAC Program will ensure business readiness using the following tools:

  • COVID-19 Safe Workplace Assessment and recommendations to ensure your business operations are compliant with Public Health guidelines, health and safety standards, and best practice
  • Our ready-to-use cloud-based platform includes policies, procedures, and practices regarding proper cleaning, PPE, screening stations, social distancing, managing exposure in the workplace, outbreak governance, and much more
  • Online Infectious Disease Outbreak Awareness training and tutorials
  • Get Ready Daily Screening Tool™
  • Daily Status Tool
  • Exposed Person Back Track Tool
  • Upon completion of the program, you will receive a Get Ready™ Workplace IPAC Certificate of Completion. This acts as assurance to stakeholders that your business has taken appropriate action to ensure a safe workplace during and following an infectious disease outbreak.

Why Get Ready™?

  • The Get Ready™ Workplace IPAC Program was developed by our experienced team of Physicians, Public Health, Infection Prevention and Control, and Outbreak Planning experts
  • The program is compliant with Public Health Agencies and OSHA regulations and guidelines
  • The Get Ready™ platform provides a path forward by providing rapid onboarding and deployment. Get Ready today!

Get Ready Daily Screening Tool™

In response to amended O. Reg 364/20, Get Ready™ has a proven cloud-based Screening Tool our clients have been using since May 2020, to help organizations easily meet this new legislation.

The Get Ready Daily Screening Tool™ is a simple and accessible app that allows employees, visitors, and contractors to complete the required assessment on their desktop or mobile device, to determine if they are COVID-19 safe to enter a workplace prior to their arrival.

The easy-to-read dashboard enables management to rapidly track those who have failed the assessment and those who have passed and are safe to enter the site. From a business continuity and operations perspective, the dashboard provides senior management with real-time screening results for work sites or even by department so risks can be quickly identified, potential exposures can be tracked, and response plans can be implemented.

The Workplace IPAC Playbook

For ease of use and ready reference, Get Ready™ will also provide a handy and printable PDF playbook. so you can export the online information into paper format. This convenient extra is suitable for personnel who may not have immediate access to the online version. The playbook includes all the pertinent policies and procedures needed to keep your business running safely and smoothly.

Poppy and Get Ready team up

Poppy and Get Ready team up in next-generation COVID-19 virus and other pathogen monitoring and detection using air capture devices. Click here to learn more about Poppy.

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Get Ready has a team of Public Health, Infection Prevention and Control and Outbreak Planning Experts to develop our Infectious Disease Outbreak Programs.

  • Over 150 pre-drafted documents and digital forms
    • Medical Directives
    • Infection Prevention and Control Measures
    • Screening Program
    • Social Distancing
    • Human Resources Policies
    • Communications
  • Online Pandemic Outbreak Training
  • Individual staff safety apps for mobile devices
  • Attendance Reporting Tool (can be purchased separately)
  • Certificate of completion

Our complete IDO program is ready for immediate deployment and can be onboarded within minutes.

Learn more

Webinar - Understanding COViD19 to keep your business and employees safe
Webinar - How to “Operationalize” your plans in response to the COVID19 Outbreak.


“My team and I are so incredibly grateful for our partnership with Get Ready during this unprecedented time. Our business is unique and our return to work strategy must be custom to ensure that the health and safety of our members, staff, and visitors is considered at every turn. The Get Ready team is responsive, agile, and committed to ensuring we feel supported and our business can adapt quickly to the changing environment. We cannot recommend them enough!”

Brittnei Gaudio,  VP of Operations, iQ Offices

Other Programs

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Daily Screening Tool Package

Daily Screening Tool – a paperless solution to track employees and essential visitors

COVID-19 Safety Plan – pre-drafted policies and procedures to keep your employees safe and your business compliant

Infectious Disease Outbreak Awareness Course – Provide your employees with the information they need to understand a pandemic.

More information

We take away the uncertainty and confusion and give you a cloud based platform that is ready to use. Onboarding in as little as two hours.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been collective feelings of uncertainty and a lack of control as many important questions remain unanswered. Regain control with Get Ready. Equip your employees with the confidence to return to work once regulatory bodies deem it safe to do so.

  1. Get Ready is the solution to Return to Work quickly, safely and simply. We’ve taken thousands of hours to build this platform so you don’t have to.
  2. Get Ready takes the guessing out of “how do we do this?”
  3. Get Ready will provide you with peace of mind that you’re returning to work safely. Your employees will know exactly how you’ve done that and the role they play. We’re all in this together.
  4. Get Ready will help you regain control of your business and your tomorrow.
  5. The Get Ready platform provides a path forward right now.

Setup an appointment with our CEO Scott Ashley right now to receive your assessment and plan within 72 hours.

We can help you GET READY for each COVID-19 level

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