Get Ready™ Incident Management Program

Get Ready to be a disaster-resilient hospital

A Comprehensive Program

The Get Ready™ Incident Management Program is fully comprehensive – so your organization can Get Ready for any emergency.

Cloud-based Platform

Our research indicates that Get Ready is the only innovative Canadian company to integrate emergency management content and cloud-based technology to better operationalize readiness.

  • Desktop and mobile cloud-based software using existing ICT hardware

  • Client-based servers not required. Get Ready uses secure Canadian servers via ThinkOn

  • White-labelled IP addresses for direct client desktop access

  • Corporate mobile application distribution through client MDM available

  • CSA Z1600, and PIPEDA compliant


Just tell me what I’m supposed to do!

We do that with the Get Ready Emergency Response Program

Emergency Response Forms and Dashboards

Through Get Ready’s integration of real-time forms and dashboards, our clients can achieve a heightened level of situational awareness far in advance of traditional paper and physical reporting methods.

  • Incident support forms

  • Relevant input controls (site, department, role)

  • Mobile and desktop content submission options

  • Quick and user-friendly interface

  • At-a-glance and accurate information

  • Supports rapid decision making

Get Ready to save a life!

Provide your staff with emergency and life-saving information at their fingertips with the Get Ready™ First Aide Platform

  • Life-saving information at your fingertips
  • Emergency procedures for Person with a Weapon, Fentanyl overdose, tornado and more
  • Over 80 instructional first aid videos
  • Features with your safety in mind

Get Ready First Aide Platform

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