Get Ready EOC & Exercise Program

Get Ready to manage your Emergency Operations Centre

Get Ready to manage a disaster!

The Get Ready EOC and Exercise Program will ensure your staff are confident and competent in the EOC.

Program Includes

  • EOC member training *
  • OC exercises*
  • Online EOC procedures and forms
  • Put your organization’s Emergency Plan online
* Meeting OFMEM legislative requirements

Prepare your EOC staff

Give them the training they need before the disaster. Do it online, at their own pace and cost-effectively

  • Incident Command Post
  • Emergency Operations Centre
  • Crisis Communication
  • Post Incident Debrief
  • Multi-Agency Interoperability
  • Media Relations
  • Bringing the Gap: EM and BCP
  • Social Media in Crisis
  • EOC of the Month refreshers

Test the Plan. Practice your People

  • The Two-Hour Table-Top Exercise – virtual response, live EOC activation
  • The Site Exercise – customize, full live activation and response
  • Program Activation and After-Action Report

Add the online Get Ready EOC Program to your EOC toolkit

  • Dynamic EOC Job Action Sheet (JAS) to guide members and document decisions made and actions taken
  • Fillable forms to track tasks and communication
  • EOC Dashboard for real-time situational awareness
  • Have your organizational Emergency Plan available online
  • Install on existing software
  • Available on desktops and mobile devices