Get Ready AED Program

The problem is clear. We have the solution – Get Ready AED Program

Get Ready to save a life!

This completely integrated program includes equipment, training, equipment tracking, Learning Management System, app, policy and procedure development, and integration with 911 call centres and first responders.

The Problem

Each day in North America over 1,000 people die from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Sadly, less than 5% survive. The reason is very simple – without oxygen the brain will die within 5-10 minutes. 911 agencies cannot get to the patient fast enough.

The Answer

Bystanders must begin “Hands only CPR” and use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) within the first 5-10 minutes. For people to survive, an AED must be close by and by-standers must be willing and able to start CPR and use the AED.

Training Bystanders

When Bystanders do CPR or use an AED the survival rate increases from 5% to 32%.
To create willing bystanders, the public must be trained with simple, short and cost-effective instructional videos.

  • Get Ready offers the AED Smart® Station. A video player is attached onto the AED Cabinet which includes an instructional 3-minute video to teach bystanders how to perform “Hands Only CPR” and how to use an AED
  • Get Ready offers the Get Ready First Aid App for your android or iOS mobile device
  • CPR/AED online training powered by Get Ready Learning Management System