Get Ready EOC & Exercise Program

Get Ready EOC and Exercise Program

Get Ready to manage the Emergency Operations Centre

Get Ready to manage a disaster! The Get Ready EOC and Exercise Program will ensure your staff are confident and competent in the EOC with EOC member training, EOC exercises, online EOC procedures and forms, organizational Emergency Plan online.

  • EOC member training *
  • OC exercises*
  • Online EOC procedures and forms
  • Put your organization’s Emergency Plan online

*  Meeting OFMEM legislative requirements

Prepare your EOC staff with the training they need before the disaster – online, at their own pace and cost-effectively:

  • Incident Command Post
  • Emergency Operations Centre
  • Crisis Communication
  • Post Incident Debrief
  • Multi-Agency Interoperability
  • Media Relations
  • Bringing the Gap: EM and BCP
  • Social Media in Crisis
  • EOC of the Month refreshers

Test the Plan. Practice the People.

  • The Two-Hour Table-Top Exercise – virtual response, live EOC activation
  • The Site Exercise – customize, full live activation and response
  • Program Activation and After-Action Report

Manage the Emergency Operations Centre from virtually anywhere

Add the online Get Ready EOC Program to your EOC toolkit

  • Dynamic EOC Job Action Sheet (JAS) to guide members and document decisions made and actions taken
  • Fillable forms to track tasks and communication
  • EOC Dashboard for real-time situational awareness
  • Have your organizational Emergency Plan available online
  • Install on existing software
  • Available on desktops and mobile devices



The Services at Get Ready and their Get Ready EOC & Exercise Program have been valuable to Springwater emergency management activities. Each year municipalities are required to hold an emergency exercise. For Springwater this was not enough.

The Get Ready team and their online tools have helped Springwater’s EOC team understand everyone’s roles through year-round training. EOC templates have been developed for each role that are easy to use and document all EOC activities. The GRO team also manages our annual exercise with integrated scenarios that test all EOC participants. I look forward to continuing our partnership with Get Ready.

Robert Brindley, CAO – Township Springwater