Get Ready Emergency Management for Education

Get Ready Emergency Management for Education

Get Ready to be a disaster-resilient school

The Get Ready Emergency Management for Education Program is comprehensive – so you can Get Ready for any school emergency.

  • Use existing hardware, desktops and mobile devices
  • Available on android and iOS
  • ISO, legislative and audit compliant
  • SOC2 certified
  • Cloud-based
  • Load sharing/redundancy

Get Ready to manage the Emergency Operations Centre

  • 3-Tier training and exercises
  • Clear IMS structure
  • EOC Job Action Sheets
  • Fillable forms to track activities
  • Pre-approved communications
  • EOC and Exercise Program

Get Ready and stay informed with AtHoc

  • Mass notification
  • Group calling
  • Collect Staff status report
  • Alarm systems
  • Join a conference call

“Just tell me what I’m supposed to do!” – We do that with the Get Ready Emergency Response Program 

  • 20 Emergency Response Incidents
  • Online Job Action Sheets
  • Escalation matrix
  • Incident Assessment Tool
  • Incident Support Documents

Maintain Staff confidence and competence with the Get Ready Learning Management System

  • Custom Incident of the Month courses
  • Simple and cost-effective online training solution
  • Ensure confidence and competence of Staff
  • Legislative, insurance and audit compliant
  • Reporting feature, auto re-certs