Get Ready has partnered with Best-of-Breed innovative leading technology and service companies to round out our offering - providing our clients with a complete integrated IPAC solution. We have chosen carefully and have selected proven and accredited companies.


Glissner CleanPhone™ is the world’s leading touchless UV-C light sanitizer that kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria on any phone in just 20 seconds.

Glissner strategic partner Get Ready Global

Infield Solutions

Providing solutions to enable the effective management of workforces and building amenities to minimize the impact of COVID-19, optimize the use of labour, and enable businesses to thrive once again
Infield strategic partner Get Ready Global

Innovate Cities

Bringing together innovators to create more inclusive, livable and sustainable cities
Innovate Cities Strategic Partner Get Ready Global

Nerva Energy

Providing Active Air Purification and increased airflow to Canadian schools, hospitals, and businesses.
Nerva Energy Strategic Partner Get Ready Global


The world’s only pathogen sensing and detection network that helps protect the places where we work, live, and visit by monitoring both air and surfaces for the COVID-19 virus and thousands of other known pathogens.

Poppy teaming up Get Ready COVID-19

Protect Your office

Providing products and services for companies, hospitals, governments, and schools to assist with returning to work and maintaining a safe environment. Committed to recovery and prevention solutions.

Safe Site Global

Get Ready is a founding partner of this world-class consortium. Safe Site Global believes that you should be recognized for operating your business safely.
Safe Site Global Strategic Partner Get Ready Global

SOS Emergency Response Technologies

Providing the tools and training you need for when emergency strikes.

SOS Technologies Strategic Partner Get Ready Global

Spark Niagara

A collaborative workplace community for today’s entrepreneurial workforce. Providing a space where start-ups and established businesses can locate with the support necessary to grow. In addition, Spark provides coaching and mentoring for companies and start-ups at any stage.
Spark Niagara Strategic Partner Get Ready Global

Table Top Consulting

Your integrated services resource for office buildouts, renovations and repurposing, real estate utilization, and emergency preparedness.
Tabletop Consulting Strategic Partner Get Ready Global