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Our Purpose

Our team has been in the emergency and incident management world for most of our careers. Over the years, we have experienced first hand the challenges that exist when managing an incident and we have learned how the process could be made simpler. Our purpose is to make it easier for people and organizations to respond to incidents.  By operationalizing readyness – we help you Get Ready.


Our Story

We founded our company to improve the way people and organizations respond to incidents.  Usually, when an emergency happens people look for the binder and then read through and try and figure out their role. People often say “Just tell me what I am supposed to do” – we do that! First, we separate policy from procedure. Then we prepare easy-to-follow checklists, or what we call Job Action Sheets, for all levels of staff from the front line to the executive suite, so everyone knows exactly what to do.  We literally have thousands of proven procedures for all types of incidents from fires, floods, hazardous spills, utility failures, severe weather, bombs, persons with a weapon, to name a few.


Cloud Based

People ask “Can we get this on our phones?” – the answer is “Yes you can!” Over the past five years we have developed our own cloud-based process mapping software to provide quick and easy access to the information right on your mobile device or desktop computer.  Managers and executives love it because they have their checklists to follow and they can see the dashboards and reports right on their phone.  The dashboards provide immediate situational awareness and this enables them to make rapid effective decisions.


Learning Management System

Get Ready Software includes our own Learning Management System and exercise programs to ensure our clients are confident, competent and the organization is compliant with all audit and legislative requirements. We train thousands of people every month and demonstrate and track proof of participation and understanding.


Business Continuity Planning

When is comes to Business Continuity Planning – companies have spent far too much time and money creating giant volumes of paper and binders that are simply very difficult to maintain and virtually impossible to use during an incident. Our BCP programs are revolutionary because they are quick to complete – saving significant staff time. The BCP program provides real-time risk dashboards that link directly to the relevant plans to keep your business running. A large client said about us, “you operationalize readyness”.

Our programs are completely customizable, providing digital procedures, digital forms, tasking, notifications, training, analytics and most importantly – confidence. We have developed programs for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, as well as many smaller organizations needing to solve problems and reduce their risk.


Client Satisfaction

Survey results from a hospital client with over 14,000 employees illustrated that staff confidence in emergency preparedness and response rose from 32% prior to implementation to over 84% once the program was launched – they considered this a huge win for the hospital.  Where does your organization sit?

If you are tired of the old binder and all the problems that are bound by using a paper-based system, then consider looking at our programs. The bottom line is – we will save you time, money and effort and make your programs easy to build, use and maintain. Please contact us to see how we can help your organization Get Ready.

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