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Learn about the legislated COVID zones established by the Province of Ontario, and how they impact your organization/business. Learn about Get Ready’s solutions to comply with the new laws. 

Task Force Members:
Glenn Gosling-Cannell  RN, CNCC, ENCC
Scott Ashley  CCFP 
Understanding the nC0V19 virus – an update and overview Panel Discussion to provide practical advice and considerations to keep your business and employees safe, with a closer look at the policies, procedures, forms, medical directives, training, role checklists, and communications needed to implement an effective outbreak program.
This webinar was recorded on Feb 11, 11:00am EDT. Dr. Michael Christian and Scott Ashley presented the background and update on the nCoV, Case Studies on how to “Operationalize” your plans in response to the Outbreak.

Our webinar experts

Scott Ashley

CCFP, President

Scott is the President and co-founder of Get Ready Inc.

Scott’s strong belief is to separate policies from procedures and truly “operationalize” these often complex, policy-based programs into response-ready capabilities.

He has over twelve years experience in EMS from his early years as a paramedic where he worked in Alberta, Los Angeles, Toronto and for eight years as a Critical Care Flight Paramedic on the Bandage One helicopter based in Toronto.

Since that time Scott has founded companies that focused on first aid training, emergency Management, BCP and Pandemic planning.

Scott developed pandemic plans for many Fortune 500 clients, professional services firms and medium size companies.

Get Ready provides custom cloud-based tools so organizations can easily access their information on desktop or mobile devices; this instant access and dashboard situational awareness has been an industry game changer.

Michael Christian

MD, MSc (Public Health), FRCPC, Medical Advisor

Senior healthcare sector leader with over 30 years of experience (civilian & military)

Specialist in Critical Care Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Public Health, Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Management.

Advised 20+ governmental organizations in Canada & Internationally as well as having led 4 International Guidelines for the Response to Disasters & Pandemics.

Named in top 3 most influential authors internationally in disaster medicine for his research & publications.

Worked on front lines and leadership roles during responses to Ebola, H1N1 & SARS outbreaks

Played a leadership role in restructuring of Public Health System in Ontario following SARS and Served as an Executive Member on the Founding Board of Public Health Ontario (formerly Ontario Agency for Health Protection & Promotion Health)

Glenn Gosling-Cannell


Glenn manages the on-site Get Ready Emergency Response Teams (ERT), and works directly with our clients to achieve their emergency response goals.

Glenn completed his training in Nursing at John Moores University. Since then, he has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in Critical Care, Emergency Care, Critic, Flight Care, Emergency Management and Crisis Interventional Care. Glenn has worked in the Emergency Management industry for over 15 years, working closely with agencies operating in the field during an incident, and organizations during the planning and recovery of an incident. Glenn is also a paralegal.

Mike Soegtrop


Mike is a global leader in business continuity and crisis management. With over 20 years of international experience, specialized in preparing organizations for worst-case scenarios, from natural disasters to cyber threats, while ensuring compliance to internal policies and regulatory obligations. His twenty years of experience includes Price Waterhouse Coopers, two Canadian national banks (CIBC and BMO) and two international Insurance companies (Manulife and Aon). He has traveled to Beijing, Shanghai, New York, Chicago, Winnipeg and Bermuda on business continuity projects in the financial, insurance, retail and telecom industries. He is a certified Fellow of the Business Continuity Institute (2007).
He also served as a board member and Canadian Chapter President. Mike has developed a broad set of risk and disaster management tools speaking at risk management and disaster conferences
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