Become a Referral Partner

Earn 20% commission on each sale.

Become a Referral Partner

Get Ready has developed a number of leading products and services that clients need and use. We are looking for Referral Partners across Canada and around the world to offer our cloud-based solutions to their association members, students and customers. Our Referral Program is touchless, no inventory or prepaid products needed – simply refer our solutions and receive commissions once a customer has paid for their order.


Referral Partners receive 20% commission based on the purchase total (not including taxes and shipping expenses).

Discounts can be offered to customers by the Referral Partner with unique coupon codes for special campaigns.  Please review our Referral Partner Terms and Conditions. All commissions and customer sales can be easily tracked within the Referral Partner Dashboard.

Referral Partner Dashboard

Each Referral Partner has a unique login access to the  Referral Partner Dashboard. This dashboard provides unique URL links, coupon codes, and creatives. Referral Partners can track customer activities, sales made, and commissions earned.  Our goal is to create a transparent sales and commission tracker for ease of use and certainty of commissions earned.

Tutorials demonstrate the use of each aspect of the program.


To support our Referral Partners we provide creative support with jpeg images, pre-drafted emails, sales information and generic brochures to ensure Referral Partners can get our products to market quickly and accurately.

Our Daily Screening Tool App Click image to enlarge  

Get Ready First Aide Platform Click image to enlarge  

Get Ready has a team of Public Health, Infection Prevention and Control and Outbreak Planning Experts to develop our Infectious Disease Outbreak Programs.

  • Over 150 pre-drafted documents and digital forms
    • Medical Directives
    • Infection Prevention and Control Measures
    • Screening Program
    • Social Distancing
    • Human Resources Policies
    • Communications
  • Online Pandemic Outbreak Training
  • Individual staff safety apps for mobile devices
  • Attendance Reporting Tool (can be purchased separately)
  • Certificate of completion

Our complete IDO program is ready for immediate deployment and can be onboarded within minutes.

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