Comprehensive step-by-step instructions for all contingencies


Our Approach – comprehensive step-by-step instructions for all contingencies
  • Get Ready offers the AED Smart® Station. A video player is attached onto the AED Cabinet which includes an instructional 3-minute video to teach bystanders how to perform “Hands Only CPR” and how to use an AED
  • Get Ready offers the Get Ready First Aid App for your android or iOS mobile device
  • CPR/AED online training powered by Get Ready Learning Management System


Quick, accurate assessment tools
  • Immediate actions
  • Incident stage definitions
  • Incident response team’s description and membership
  • Rapid assessment criteria to determine incident levels
Immidiate impact assessment

Incident Steps

Clear instructions from onset to post incident evaluation
  • Step 1 – Activate and Notify. Who needs to be activated (actions required) and who in the organization is notified (FYI)
  • Step 2 – Action Plan. Job Action Sheet (JAS) lists to follow to ensure the necessary actions are completed
  • Step 3 – All Clear. Who has the authority to give the “All Clear” and what messaging is required
  • Step 4 – Post Incident. The list of to-do’s following an incident
Process Incident Management

Post Incident

Restoring to operational readiness is critical; review and debrief for continuous quality improvement and identification of lessons learned
  • Re-stocking and clean up instructions
  • Incident Debrief Forms
  • Accident investigation
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)
Process post incident

Get Ready Forms

Digital FORMS to support the incident response and record activities. Forms include:
  • Medical Emergency Treatment Form
  • Fire Incident Form
  • Hazardous Spill Incident Form
  • Missing Person Checklist
  • Bomb Threat Caller Form
  • STOPIED (Suspicious Package) Form
  • Notification of Next of Kin Form
  • Exposure Tracking Form
process in app forms

Get Ready Reports

Track incident and training progress at your fingertips
  • LMS compliance reporting
  • Incident Form completion
  • Incident statistics
  • Code Blue Patient reports
  • Trends and goal setting
  • Save Managers’ time and effort
process in app reports

Get Ready Dashboard

Situational awareness at a glance with real-time dashboard updates
  • Immediate Business Impact
  • Assessment
  • Organizational Risk
  • Assessment
  • Make better decisions faster
process desktop dashboard

Get Ready Analytics

Improve what you measure
  • Over 250 metrics linked to ROSC
  • Identify trends and measure
  • Collaborative research
  • Publish and present
process desktop Analytics

Get Ready™ Workplace Infection Prevention and Control Program

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Office Platform

Ensure a safe office environment for your staff and clients with social distancing and worker flow, PPE and cleaning practices, and Attendance Reporting Tool.

Industrial Platform

Protect your greatest asset – your staff – with screening practices, access/egress flow, assembly line social distancing, physical barriers and cleaning practices.

Retail Platform

Business success depends on employees and customers – keep them safe with access/egress customer flow, screening practices, social distancing, barriers and check-out procedures