Comprehensive step-by-step instructions for all contingencies


Our Approach – comprehensive step-by-step instructions for all contingencies
  • Get Ready offers the AED Smart® Station. A video player is attached onto the AED Cabinet which includes an instructional 3-minute video to teach bystanders how to perform “Hands Only CPR” and how to use an AED
  • Get Ready offers the Get Ready First Aid App for your android or iOS mobile device
  • CPR/AED online training powered by Get Ready Learning Management System


Quick, accurate assessment tools
  • Immediate actions
  • Incident stage definitions
  • Incident response team’s description and membership
  • Rapid assessment criteria to determine incident levels
Immidiate impact assessment

Incident Steps

Clear instructions from onset to post incident evaluation
  • Step 1 – Activate and Notify. Who needs to be activated (actions required) and who in the organization is notified (FYI)
  • Step 2 – Action Plan. Job Action Sheet (JAS) lists to follow to ensure the necessary actions are completed
  • Step 3 – All Clear. Who has the authority to give the “All Clear” and what messaging is required
  • Step 4 – Post Incident. The list of to-do’s following an incident
Process Incident Management

Post Incident

Restoring to operational readiness is critical; review and debrief for continuous quality improvement and identification of lessons learned
  • Re-stocking and clean up instructions
  • Incident Debrief Forms
  • Accident investigation
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)
Process post incident

Get Ready Forms

Digital FORMS to support the incident response and record activities. Forms include:
  • Medical Emergency Treatment Form
  • Fire Incident Form
  • Hazardous Spill Incident Form
  • Missing Person Checklist
  • Bomb Threat Caller Form
  • STOPIED (Suspicious Package) Form
  • Notification of Next of Kin Form
  • Exposure Tracking Form
process in app forms

Get Ready Reports

Track incident and training progress at your fingertips
  • LMS compliance reporting
  • Incident Form completion
  • Incident statistics
  • Code Blue Patient reports
  • Trends and goal setting
  • Save Managers’ time and effort
process in app reports

Get Ready Dashboard

Situational awareness at a glance with real-time dashboard updates
  • Immediate Business Impact
  • Assessment
  • Organizational Risk
  • Assessment
  • Make better decisions faster
process desktop dashboard

Get Ready Analytics

Improve what you measure
  • Over 250 metrics linked to ROSC
  • Identify trends and measure
  • Collaborative research
  • Publish and present
process desktop Analytics
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Daily Screening Tool

Use the Daily Screening Tool to track staff and essential visitors and complete the Infectious Disease Outbreak Awareness Course to ensure that your business is compliant and staff are safe.

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